Underground Detection

Subsurface location of underground utilities, and scanning concrete. Methods such as Ground Penetrating Radar and Electro - Magnetic induction are utilized to provide our clients with location services through this cutting edge technology

We rate our services to be the only approach in the utility subsurface detection and mapping. We cater for excavators, utility companies, engineering companies, consultants, general public and government entities

Our final product is a very simple/ easy to read drawing in teams of PDF/hard copy and digital for onsite use and/or with any kind of cad drawing in the format of the client preference

Geomatics Specialist

Aerial Survey

 • Aerial Imaging solution by setting the standard for fast and safe aerial data collection

 • Capture of high-resolution vertical and aerial imagery

Engineering - Survey

 • Strip Surveys & Roads

 • Volume Calculations & Setting out of Structures

Topographic Survey

 • Contour Maps Productions As Built Surveys & Digital Terrain Model.


 • 3D Laser Scanning

 • 3D Modelling

GIS Data Solution

 • Combining positioning, communications, and software to equip the mobile workforce. Mapping & GIS products improve productivity in hundreds of industries by geo-enabling field workforces with high accuracy, rugged, and easy-to-use products.

CCTV Pipe Line Inspection

The advantages of CCTV pipe inspection have been proven time after time, from new pipe line acceptance to updating of underground asset registers. The camera and lights are mounted in a swivelling head attached to a cylindrical body.

The camera head can pan and tilt remotely. Integrated into the camera head are lighting devices, typically LEDs, for illuminating the pipeline. The camera is connected to display equipment via a long cable wound upon a winch. Later on we will incorporate a series of lasers in the camera to accurately measure the pipe diameter and other data.


Drilling & Trenching

 • Horizontal directional drilling and FTTH Construction

 • Optical Fibre Floating

 • Construction of manholes and pipe junction boxes.